Deployment Preparation

The following information should be gathered well before full deployment to enable programmers sufficient time to code and process the items supplied.

Reports & Forms

Any reports that are needed, particularly in relation to completing an arrangement, should be collated and supplied to FuneralSoft development team for coding and customization. Government Forms for your state/region are generally included as part of the software package. If your state/region has not yet been completed, you may be requested to supply these forms for coding. Forms can be supplied in electronic MS Word format are preferred, alternatively PDF format. The following types of reports provide a starting point:

a)  Cemetery/Crematorium Reports
b)  Memorial Books
c)  Funeral Notices
d)  Local Government Forms
e)  Clergy Card
f)  Invoice/Account
g)  Ashes Documentation
h)  Cremation Documentation

Design and coding of these custom reports are subject to extra fees (view here)


If you can provide any of the following lists in electronic format, it will greatly assist the setup process by allowing importing into FuneralSoft. MS Excel or CSV format preferred.

a)  Contact Lists
b)  Price Lists
c)  Staff List - Download form here
d)  Stock List
e)  Fleet Lis

Importing these lists are subject to extra fees (view here)