FuneralSoft - Comprehensive Price List

This page outlines all the possible/expected costs for a FuneralSoft installation.

1. Software Purchase

FuneralSoft is licenced in 3 different editions. The once-off purchase fee is outlined here.

FuneralSoft Desktop Software
Fee Type
Amount (ex GST)
FuneralSoft - Standard Edtion
One off Fee
FuneralSoft - Professional Edtion
One off Fee
FuneralSoft - Enterprise Edtion
One off Fee

2. Extra Branches

Each edition of FuneralSoft includes a number of branches/sites. Each additional branch/site incurs the following one-off fee.

Product Edition
Included extra Branches

Amount per extra branch (ex GST)

Standard Edtion
Professional Edtion
Enterprise Edtion

3. Annual Support Subscription

The Annual Support Subscription provides access to product updates, new versions and technical support included. Whilst optional, it is recommended. Technical Support outside a Support Subscription is charged at an hourly rate of $120 ex GST.

Product Edition
Fee Type
Amount (ex GST)
FuneralSoft - Standard Edtion
FuneralSoft - Professional Edtion
FuneralSoft - Enterprise Edtion

4. Custom Reports

An integral part of FuneralSoft is the ability to integrate local and customised reports in the form of MS Word reports. There are a growing number of pre-designed templates included in FuneralSoft, but any other reports can be designed. Due to the work required in designing and coding these reports, the following costs apply. A more detailed quote is usually provided depending on the actual reports required.

Report Type
Design & Code
Code only
Simple Report Letter
Medium Report Clergy Sheet
Complex Report Invoice
Cemetery/Crematorium Report Cemetery Burial Form
Govt Reports are included free of charge  

5. Data Importing

Many clients wish to import existing records into FuneralSoft from various sources. Clearly, electronic sources are much faster to import and a number of import tools exist to facilitate this. If you wish to attempt data import yourself, the import tools can be found here. The following prices are for us to examine your data source, clean the data and import as fully as possible.

Data Source
Data Import Fee (ex GST)
MS Access Database
fdPower SQL Database
fdPower Access Database
Other Electronic Database
CSV File Import
$45 per file

6. Training

For providing user training, the following packages are available.

Training Package
# of People
Fee (ex GST)
FuneralSoft Basics
up to 2hrs

Department Operations

4hrs per dept
$480 per dept
Enterprise Features and Business Analysis
4 hrs
Introduction to FuneralSoft (Group Training)
1 hr
Arrangers using FuneralSoft (Group Training)
2 hrs

7. Accounting Package Integration

FuneralSoft has the ability to integrate with common Accounting Software Packages. At the moment MYOB AccountRight is supported. This list will be expanded to include Quickbooks and Xero Accounting in the near future. Most of these costs are charged by the accounting software firm.

Accounting Software
Once-off Fee (ex GST)
Annual Fee (ex GST)
MYOB AccountRight
Xero Accounting

8. Crematorium Management Software

Crematorium Management provides a register of cremations and integrates with FuneralSoft if available. External third-party cremations can also be entered separately from FuneralSoft, providing a stand-alone product.

Desktop Software
Once-off Fee (ex GST)
Annual Fee (ex GST)
Crematorium Management - Standalone
Crematorium Management - Bundled with FuneralSoft
N/A if purchased with FuneralSoft

All prices current are valid until 30th June 2014. All prices are exclusive of GST and subject to change without notice.

Things you need to know:
Prices listed are exclusive of GST. All prices listed are for a software licence to install and use FuneralSoft at one site (maximum number of users may apply). Extra sites may cost depending on Product Edition purchased. Please refer to the Product Use Agreement for more information on terms and conditions of purchase. Instra Technologies Pty Ltd ATF The PM Trust reserves the right to alter, modify and increase both the purchase structure and pricing of FuneralSoft at any time. Currently, both technical support (email & phone) along with software updates are included as part of the support subscription. This may be altered depending on ongoing costs, sustainability and acceptable use.